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Chapter 2:  Sai Baba’s Mission Begins

On the 8th of March, 1940, Sathya gave a piercing scream and fell down unconscious. He was holding His right toe tightly. Everyone at home thought that a scorpion had bitten Him. But actually, Sathya had left his physical form to save some devotees, which all the people around Him did not know, as He had not done anything like that in the presence of others before. Everyone searched for the scorpion, but how could there be one, when it was not the cause for Sathya’s state?


After some time, Sathya opened His eyes, but was as calm as before. The next day, once again, Sathya fell down unconscious.


Later, when He opened His eyes, He told the people around Him that the village Goddess Muthyaalamma was angry, so one of them must go and break a coconut and light camphor before her.


When the coconut was broken at the temple, Sathya announced from home that it had broken into three pieces. It was true! Some people thought that Sathya was possessed by spirits. They started treating Him with all kinds of medicines and herbs. Others thought that Sathya had gone mad, and they sent for His parents.


Sathya’s parents came and were shocked to see their loving son in such a state. Even they did not know what to do, so they took Him to an exorcist. The exorcist had a very cruel way of driving away spirits. He cut loving Sathya’s tender scalp with a sharp knife, squeezing in lime juice and applying a very pungent powder, which bulged sweet Sathya’s face to abnormal proportions. His eyes swelled to an enormous size.


Seeing His terrible condition, Sathya’s mother and sister were very sad, but helpless, as they had handed Sathya over to the exorcist. Observing their plight, Sathya beckoned to His sister and told her that nearby there grew an herb. He told her to make juice from that herb and apply it to His eyes.


The mother and sister pleaded with the exorcist to leave Sathya alone, saying they would bring Him once again, when He was fit. The exorcist left Sathya with great reluctance. According to Sathya’s suggestion, they put a few drops of the herbal juice into His eyes and before long, they were normal and sparkled with mischief.


Days passed, with Sathya expounding high Vedic philosophy to the villagers. He also began talking about a saint called Sai Baba. The father, Pedda Venkappa Raju, could stand this no longer.


One day, he approached Sathya with a stick in his hands to beat the devil out of Him. He asked Sathya, “Who are you? Tell me the truth!” Sathya calmly replied, with love and authority, “I am Sai Baba. Keep your houses clean and your minds pure. I shall dwell in them forever.”


The stick in Pedda Venkappa Raju’s hand fell down. He was dumb-founded. He said, “If You are really Sai Baba, show us proof.” Sathya took a handful of jasmine flowers in His hands and threw them on the ground. They fell, forming the letters, “SAI BABA” in Telugu.


From that day onwards, everyone in the village and nearby villages started calling Sathya, Sai Baba. They began worshipping Him with great devotion, and offered special poojas to Him every Thursday.


The second chapter of Sri Sathya Sai, Sathya Narayana Katha

ends with all auspiciousness.

Bow to Sri Sai. Peace be to all!

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