Unique Experiences of Devotees with the Sacred Katha

Many people, Sai devotees and non-devotees alike, have unique and often miraculous experiences with the Sri Sathya Sai Sathya Narayana Katha.

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Vibhuthi materialized on the sacred Katha in a devotee's home in Warsaw, Poland.


Vibhuthi Explained

Vibhuthi Materialization

October 2014

From UK

July 2010

A British Sai devotee from the UK would read the sacred Katha regularly. She occasionally had guests attending her prayers. Once, a Doctor attended the prayers. He was a very honest man who did not like to join politics or take advantage of his position. However, his colleagues wanted him to join them in some unfair practices, to which he refused. In response, they filed a court case against him. The poor Doctor suffered for three years. After he attended the prayers at the British woman’s home, when he attended the court hearing the next week, he was surprised that the Judge suddenly acquitted him of all charges, and the case was dropped! The Doctor offered his gratitude to Swami for saving his reputation and granting him peace of mind.

From Canada

June 2013

A Sai devotee from Canada was having a hard time finding work. She is a single mother with a teenage son and had a lot of expenses, but limited income. A Sai Sister invited her to join her family in reading the Sri Sathya Sai Sathya Narayana Katha. The woman was so happy that she requested the reading be done in her home, to bless her family. A few weeks later, the prayers and reading were held in the woman's home. Within a few days, she started getting call after call requesting her to come and work! All of a sudden, she became so busy that her work schedule was full for the entire year! She offered her grateful homage to Swami for fulfilling her wish.

From Italy

August 2013

A teacher from Italy received the Sacred Katha and felt inspired to read it regularly. She prayed every Thursday with the Katha for over eight months. Then, unexpectedly, she had to undergo emergency surgery because of peritonitis on the brink of septicaemia. She had no symptoms prior to visiting the hospital. Despite a three hour operation, she was calm throughout all of the events and believed that Swami extended her life. She felt Bhagawan had brought her close to the departure gate and then rescued her from the jaws of death. Even today, she knows for a fact that reading the Katha contributed to her overcoming such a terrible experience, and recommends all to read the Sacred Katha for their own benefit and the benefit of the universe.

From Croatia

December 2014

This Sacred Katha will stay inside of anyone who reads it. It stays with me, providing me with warmth, the vision of Swami, light (optimism) and joy. Whenever I read the Sacred Katha, I feel very lucky for finding our Divine Lord and for being accepted by Him!