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Chapter 3: Bala Sai’s Divine Leelas

As Sathya grew older, the people of the village began to notice His hidden powers. They started reverentially calling Him, Swami.


One day, Swami and His family members visited the Sri Virupaksha Temple at Hampi. When they arrived at the temple, Swami did not accompany the others inside. Instead, he stood near the temple’s gate. When the pooja began inthe sanctorium, everyone was surprised to see Swami standing in place of the Lingam.


They had just left Him at the temple’s entrance. How could He suddenly get inside the sanctorium? They rushed out and saw Swami standing as before, all alone and gazing at the sky, with an innocent smile on His rosy lips. Everyone was awestruck and fell at Swami’s feet.


One day, Swami returned home from school, threw away Hisschool bag and announced loudly, “Maya (delusion) has left me.I am no more yours. My devotees are waiting for me.” Swami’s sister-in-law, who was inside, rushed out but was almost blinded by a bright aura surrounding Swami’s head. She closed her eyes as she was unable to withstand its brilliance.


Mother Easwaramma lovingly requested Swami, “O son, if You must leave us and go to Your devotees, please stay here in Puttaparthi itself and protect and bestow Your Grace upon all Your children.” Swami gracefully agreed to His mother’s humble request.


For a very long time, Swami stayed with Karnam Subbamma, whose house was large and could accommodate the increasing number of devotees who came to see Him. Moreover, Subbamma herself was an ardent devotee and loved Swami with all her heart. The devotees soon began coming from all over.


Sometimes the food would be insufficient to feed everyone present. At such times, Subbamma would ask Swami for help.


Swami would go into the kitchen with two coconuts, strike them against each other, and sprinkle the coconut water over the food. Automatically, there would be enough to feed all the people present, and there would be some more left over!


As the number of devotees increased, they offered to build a bhajan hall alongside Subbamma’s house. Once, while Swami was staying at Subbamma’s house, a priest named Laxmaiah arrived with his friend and his friend’s wife, who was mentally ill. The priest made his friend and his wife wait on the banks of the River Chitravathi.


The priest arrived at Subbamma’s house and came across Swami. Not knowing who He was, the priest addressed Him, saying, “I believe there is a boy here who cures ailments. Could you please take me to Him, as I have brought my friend and his mad wife?”


Swami asked the priest to bring the couple to Him. He told them to have a bath and to sit with the other devotees. Swami then distributed prasad to everyone. He created the Divine vibhuthi and put some in the mad woman’s mouth.


Later, He cut some fruits, which the couple had brought as offerings to Him, and gave them the same to eat. Within no time, as the people were watching, the mad lady became normal. Bowing with great reverence to Swami, she and her husband left happily.


As the life of Karnam Subbamma was coming to an end, Swami made her perform lots of charity. One day, when Swami left for Bangalore, Subbamma’s health deteriorated, but her mind was constantly on her beloved Swami. Even her mouth, which uttered His holy name, stopped moving. Her breath stopped. She breathed her last, calling out Swami’s name.


At once, Swami appeared from nowhere. He called her with His loving voice, “Subbamma! Subbamma, open your mouth!” Subbamma, who was physically dead, opened her mouth and her hands started fumbling and trembling to hold Swami’s feet.


Swami graciously took her hands into His and, with His right hand, poured the Holy Ganges water into her parched soul, through her mouth. Subbamma, the true devotee of Swami, left the mortal coil with her eyes fixed on Swami’s Divine Lotus face, and merged in Him.


According to the wish of the devotee, Swami reveals Himself as their chosen God. To some, He shows Himself as Lord Ganesha, to some as Lord Muruga, to some as Sri Rama or Sri Krishna, and yet to others as Christ - and He pleases all.


Once, a lawyer named Krishnamachari came to Puttaparthi from Penukonda, with the sole intention of exposing Swami as a charlatan. He was taken to Swami by His father. Swami took the lawyer into a room and asked him to keep his eyes closed. When they entered the room, Swami asked him to open his eyes. The lawyer was surprised to see the Samadhi of Shirdi Sai Baba, with a garland draped over it, and a priest standing nearby with pooja items in his hands.


Swami told the lawyer to look at the other side. There, he saw the Hanuman temple, the neem tree, the Gurusthan, and other sites in the holy town of Shirdi. The lawyer was an ardent follower of Shirdi Sai Baba. When he received the darshan of Shirdi Baba’s Samadhi, he fell at Swami’s Lotus Feet and asked Him for pardon. The Daya Murthy (Embodiment of compassion), Swami, patted his back and immediately pardoned him.


Swami is all powerful. Whosoever calls Him in any name with Love, He responds and blesses them.


The third chapter of Sri Sathya Sai, Sathya Narayana Katha

ends with all auspiciousness.

Bow to Sri Sai. Peace be to all!

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