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Chapter 4: Refuge of the Devotees

Srimathi Sakamma owned a very large coffee plantation. She was also a very sathwik and Divine lady, performing lots of charity, like feeding the poor, offering them clothes, and so on. Recognizing her worth, the Maharaja of Mysore had bestowed upon her the title, Dharma Parayane.


One morning, around nine o’clock, when she was performing her morning pooja, Sakamma’s servant came and informed her that some people had come in a vehicle and wanted to see her immediately. Sakamma came out and saw an old car on which a board was put up, with the words, Kailas Committee. In front was a young boy of sixteen, with His hair all scattered. At the back, an old man was seated majestically upon on a deer skin, with a flowing beard and holy ashes smeared on His body and forehead.


Sakamma welcomed the old man and worshipped Him religiously, washing His feet and offering Him flowers and fruits. The old man asked her to become a member of the Kailas Committee by paying one thousand rupees. She gladly paid, but the money and receipt were returned to her. The old man told her that He would visit again. A few years passed, but there was no sign of the Kailas Committee.


One day, Sakamma had to go to Bangalore. While visiting one of her friends’ houses, to her utter surprise she saw the same young boy with the scattered hair. As she looked at Him, the boy transformed Himself into the old man and back again to the young boy. Sakamma was stunned. She went close to the boy and asked Him, “Were you not the one who came to my place as the Kailas Committee?”


The boy replied, “Many years ago, you had to pay one thousand rupees, which you did not pay. Therefore, I had come to take it from you.” Sakamma’s eyes welled up with tears. She prostrated before Swami and earned His Grace.


One afternoon, while Swami was talking to some His devotees, He suddenly shouted, “Do not shoot! Do not shoot!” He fell down, unconscious. After about an hour, Swami arose and told the devotees to send a telegram stating, “Your revolver is with me. Do not worry.”


Someone told Swami the word “revolver” should not be used, as it would raise objections from the postal authorities. Hence, the word “instrument” was written instead, and the telegram was sent. All were wondering and asked Swami about this sudden happening. Swami told them that they would soon know.


Four days later, a letter arrived from Bhopal, written by an Army Officer. Due to circumstances, the Officer was upset and had decided to shoot himself. He fired one shot in the air to test the revolver. At that moment, from the other corner of India, Swami had shouted, “Do not shoot! Do not shoot!”


At the same time, a knock occurred at the Officer’s door. The Officer quickly hid his revolver and opened the door. An old classmate had come to visit with his wife and servant. The Officer invited them inside. After a few minutes, they decided to visit the Officer’s neighbor, who was also their friend. Bolting the door after they left, the Officer returned for his revolver, but he could not find it. Once again, he heard a knock at the door. He opened it and the postman gave him a telegram which read, “Your instrument is with me. Do not worry.” Sender: “Baba.”


Our Swami will not forsake nor let down whosoever worships Him. One has just to call and He will immediately run to their aid with His four arms of Truth, Right-Action, Peace, and Love. His mahima (miracle) is beyond words. In the above incident, the Officer’s wife was an ardent devotee of Swami.


The fourth chapter of Sri Sathya Sai, Sathya Narayana Katha,

ends with all auspiciousness.

Bow to Sri Sai. Peace be to all!

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