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Comments from our readers

We would like to share with you positive and joyous feedback from our readers all over the world on our Sri Sathya Sai Sathya Narayana Katha website!

"Good Job. Good effort. God Bless You! Sairam." (India)


"I did see the website with all languages. Lovely - they will be so useful! We will add that link to our website." (Philippines)


"The website is beautifully designed, looks colorful yet elegant and simple, it's clear, and easy to use. And the love I feel from it is overwhelming. Fabulous job (fabulous is under-statement here), I love it. Maybe I am biased, but I really think it's great. Yesterday evening when I was looking at the photos of Swami on the website, they are so sweet, I started to cried a little, which caught myself by surprise. And I love the bird and the little elephants, the bird is lovely and the cute little elephants are so adorable." (USA)


"Reading your e-mails about the Katha going live was moving and fantastic. Almost too good to be true. It was a real honour to be part of this project."  (Italy)


"We send our well-wishes for the new WEBSITE and with Swami’s Grace we have no doubt that it will help the Sai Families all round the world with HIS LOVE and HIS TEACHINGS." (Turkey)


"Awesome job! Thanks for all your guidance." (Philippines 2)


"The new site is JUST WONDERFUL: modern design, beautiful photos, useful audio files!" (Russia)


"All the work around the Sacred Katha website - presentation, illustrations, concept is plain magnificent in it's simplicity. This is how Beloved Swami-ji wanted it to be, to reach everyone's heart - not only educated people or those who have achieved mastery in writing and reading." (Croatia)

"Very happy to see the website of our beloved bhagawan's sacred katha

- all His planning!" (Kerala, India)

"The website looks beautiful! May Swami shower His blessing to all those involved with this." (Philippines)

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