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What Shall I Ask of Thee?



My Lord Sai, I have nothing to ask of You.

I am blessed with all that one can hope for and ask for.

I have a mind to think. It is Thy Glory!

I have eyes to see and ears to hear. All these are Thy Glory!

I have in front of me a world, so vast and variegated,

Enough for me to express myself. Again, it is Thy Glory!

I can make, I can unmake. All these possibilities are Thy Glory!

I can ever make this prayer to You.

This capacity to appreciate You is again Thy Glory!

I seek from Thee nothing, for You have given me everything.

Inside me, outside me, Your presence

Is something that I cannot miss. I don’t want to miss.

Let Thy Grace be upon me, not to gain anything new,

But to make me see Thy Glory!

In all my achievements, in all my capacities,

Let me see Thy Glory!


Sai Ram

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