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Chapter 5: The Ever-Merciful Swami

One day, Swami visited a home in Bangalore. Many people had assembled there to have His darshan. Some of them had brought flowers and fruits to offer to Swami. Others were talking of Swami’s miracles and compassion.


A poor cobbler overheard their talk. A beautiful thought suddenly came into his mind. He wished to have a glimpse of the Avathar. He lovingly plucked a rose from the garden and squeezed his way through the crowd, slowly walking towards where Swami was seated. He peeped inside and at the same time, Swami also peeped out. Their eyes met, and at that very instant, for the cobbler, an irresistible love overflowed through him for Swami.


Lovingly, Swami called out to him to come closer. The cobbler went near and offered Him the rose. Swami graciously accepted the rose and asked him in Tamil, the cobbler’s mother tongue, “My dear, what do you want?” The cobbler was not prepared for the question. He replied, “Swami, please visit my hut.” Swami responded, “Definitely, I will visit.”


Tears of joy overflowed from the cobbler’s eyes. With reverence, he fell at the Lotus Feet of Swami. In his excitement, he had forgotten to ask when He would Grace his hut. After Swami left the residence, all these questions came into the cobbler’s mind. Days passed but there was no sign of the Lord’s visit to the cobbler’s hut.


One day, as the cobbler was stitching some torn and broken chappals (sandals), a car stopped at the roadside in front of him. Thinking it to be a police car, the cobbler hurriedly collected his things and prepared to run. He thought that policemen had come to chase him away. Swami stepped out of the car and told the cobbler not to be afraid. Instead, He made him sit in the car. The cobbler was too stunned to speak. The car sped on with Swami and the cobbler inside. Swami guided His driver straight to the cobbler’s hut.


The cobbler got out of the car and went inside. He asked his wife to spread a mattress and rushed out to welcome Swami. Swami sat on the mattress. The cobbler realized that there was nothing in his house, which he could offer to the Lord. He was in a great fix, and began squeezing his hands in agony.


Looking at his plight, Swami said not to worry. He told the cobbler that He had come to give and not to take away anything from him, except love. With a wave of His hand, Swami created sweets and fruits and distributed them to all the people who were present. He then created the holy vibhuthi and applied it on the cobbler’s forehead.


Before leaving, Swami said, “I shall take leave of you now. Do not worry. I am always with you.” Before the cobbler could say anything, Swami got into the car and left. Swami transformed the hut of the simple cobbler into a temple.


One day, when Swami had gone to Trichinopoly, some people began spreading false allegations against Him. That evening, when Swami was addressing the gathering, He called a beggar boy who was dumb and known to all. Swami asked the boy to come on stage and in front of the entire crowd, asked him his name. The boy, who was born dumb, said loudly, “Venkatanarayana.” The people who had spread the false rumors about Swami bowed their heads in shame. Swami’s mahimas are innumerable.


Once in Thiruvannamalai, Swami created some medicine for Swami Amrithananda and cured him of his chronic ailment. At another time, the son of Dr. Bhagavantham was operated upon by Swami Himself. He created the instrument as well, which is still with Dr. Bhagavantham.


Dr. Shankar is another ardent devotee of Swami. Many times, Swami has entered Dr. Shankar’s physical frame and performed very complicated operations successfully.


Swami Karunyananda had an ashram in Andhra Pradesh. He had put up some photos of Swami in the ashram’s hospital. Once, a pregnant lady came to the ashram seeking help. The Swami-ji put her up in the ashram’s hospital. One night, leaving the pregnant lady alone, the midwives went out to watch a late night movie. The same night, the poor lady began experiencing severe labor pains. Seeing her, suffering and helpless, Swami came down from the photo hung on the wall. He treated the lady and helped her deliver the baby safely. Mother Sai even cleaned the newborn baby and gently placed it beside its mother, to feed it.


When the midwives returned, they were surprised to see that someone else had done all their work. When they questioned the lady, she pointed at Swami’s photo and told them that the Sadhu Matha had come and helped her. She did not know that the Sadhu Matha was Lord Narayana, Himself!


Sri Sathya Narayana has taken birth once again and is protecting all of us. He will always protect whosoever trusts Him. It is our very good fortune earned through many, many births that we are having the Lord’s darshan, sparshan, and sambhashan.


Swami’s very nature is Love. He protects those who follow the path of bhakthi (devotion) and dharma (right action). He is called by some as Easwara, some as Maha Vishnu, some as Father, and some as Allah.


Likewise, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba takes on various forms of God, as all forms are His and all names are His. He bestows upon His devotees, His Grace and grants their wishes. He says that human values are our very life. Without sathya (truth), dharma (right action), shanthi (peace), and prema (love), education is empty. Without sathya, dharma, shanthi, and prema, charity and donations have no value. Without sathya, dharma, shanthi, and prema, sacred activities - so-called - are pointless.


The Eternal Human Values - sathya, dharma, shanthi, and prema - are the four pillars of Sanathana Dharma. The Sanathana Bhagawan reminds us always to think of God and not to put it off! God’s name alone can secure redemption.


Whosoever performs this Pooja with true love and devotion, the Lord Sri Sathya Sai, Sathya Narayana will bestow upon them, a happy and peaceful life, and will take away their worries and sorrows.


Thus ends the Sri Sathya Sai, Sathya Narayana Katha

with all auspiciousness.

Bow to Sri Sai. Peace be to all!


              " Guidance:  You have come to the end of the

              Sacred Katha. Read, re-read again and again. The hidden gems and holy gifts only Sai can shower. Hold on to Sai and move ahead with complete trust, faith and confidence, and He will reward you with His love.  Jai Sai Ram! "

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